Thursday, 10 February 2011

Why TV Ruined My Life - no more

I watched the 3rd episode of this great series by Charlie Brooker.  He articulates so well what I have felt for years about TV and lots of other things.  All three episodes, but especially this one, just say everything about why I got rid of my TV 5 years ago.  I used to feel physically and spiritually sick from a lot of the shit on it.  And people just lap it up, think it's real and can't see they are being conned in so many ways.  Since having a TV I feel so much better about the world and myself.  I hope I don't sound too smug.  I just don't want to do things that make me feel bad. Now I get the best of both worlds - I just pick the few things I really want to watch and can ignore most of the other crap (altho' I do have a guilty pleasure in some crime drama!).  Joe and I talk to each other more, I read more, and just do more stuff. I can thoroughly recommend it.  Your life will improve if you shake off the shackles of TV and face the fear of being TV-less - it's ace.

You can watch the programme here

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